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Cheap hotels in South Africa are now easier to find

Table Bay hotelWe are proud to announce a greatly improved hotel search function on this site, which we think you will like because it adds a modern feature that you won’t find elsewhere. Finding a hotel in South Africa should be much easier now because you can get search results from multiple travel-booking sites all at once.

Once you see the new page you can select the city for your hotel, and after you click on that name you’ll see a complete list of hotels that are listed in that area. But better yet, you can enter your travel dates into the search thing at the top and then search multiple travel sites at the same time for the cheapest places. This way you can compare your results at a glance so you’ll know you are getting the best deal you can find with the minimum hassle.

Check out the new South Africa hotels section and you’ll see that it will be a big help if you want to be confident you are getting the best price at the best place for your trip.