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Swapping Homes with South Africans: LooLoo’s Question Answered

LooLoo posts a comment, asking – Is it possible to swap homes with South Africans?

The short answer, LooLoo, is yes. Hurrah!

  • The first step to take when seeking to live in someone else’s house is to register with a home-swapping organisation that has properties in the place you want to go.

Fortunately, the top three home-swapping sites all list properties in South Africa.

Of these,

  • HomeLink has the most, with over 70 properties. Its registration fee for those in the US is $80.
  • HomeExchange is number two, for $49.95.
  • Intervac brings up the rear, with so little to offer that it’s not worth a visit. (It’s fee is $68.88.)

Home swapping is pleasant to fantasize about, but in practice it can involve terrifying expeditions through swamps of others’ kitsch, plumbing disorders of the first magnitude, tears, and ultimately rehab, so SA Blog advises proceeding with caution.