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’09 Kilimanjaro New Years Eve Summit

Kilimanjaro From Ambroseli

Join me this year for a personally guided New Year’s Eve Summit of Kilimanjaro. We have a total of twelve spaces offered for this unique trip to watch the sun rise over Africa from its highest point. If you have had some memorable New Years Eve experiences in the past I can personally guarantee that this one will exceed them all.

Boots N’all New Year ’09

Summit MistsBoots N’all travel network is bearing down on its own millennial milestone with the ten-year anniversary of the company arriving next year. In all of that time Kilimanjaro has been a perennial favorite and one of the cornerstones of the Boots N’all experience. This will be my first trip to Kilimanjaro as a member of the team but my credentials in mountain guiding in sub-equatorial Africa are long, and my African experience varied and very wide.

I was born in Kenya and have since then lived and worked in a number of regional locations between the equator and the Cape. As a veteran African guide I have traveled extensively and gained a wide diversity of experience, as an mountaineer I have climbed and guided on all the major ranges from the Rwenzoris to the Drakensberg and as an author my knowledge of the various ecologies, history, politics and sociology of Africa is very deep.

Join me this year and help us celebrate 120 years of successful Kilimanjaro summits and ten years of Boots N’all. For information or facts about his climb email me or contact Boots N’all at 503-528 1005 and I would be happy to fill you in. We will be approaching the summit via the Lemosho Route and will looking for a compatible party of initiated hill walkers and climbers.

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