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Cool Runnings, Toboggan track in Durbanville, Cape Town.

Thanks to some nifty climate change South Africa is getting more and more snow in the winter months, and skiing is now a viable option for 3 months of the year.

Tiffendel ski resort in the southern Drakensberg is located on the slopes of Ben McDhui “Ben Mac”, the highest peak in the Cape (3000m), granted they supplement the snow with the man made stuff, but beggars can’t be choosers. If we make a conserted effort to burn more fossil fuels and increase our pitiful carbon footprint, South Africa could add “Ski destination” to it’s tourism accolades.


Another alternative pastime has arisen is Durbanville, Cape Town. A 1.25 Km steel toboggan slope runs down the hillside opposite the Velodrome and looks like a lot of fun. I made a turn there this weekend, but the heavens opened and it closed for safety reasons, harrumph.

Speeds of 40km can be had and there are tandem sleds for children under 8. The cost is R10 for children and R15 for adults, and economical day passes and season passes can be bought. It looks like great fun for the summer.

To get there, follow the N1 out of Cape Town, towards Paarl, and take the Durban road Turn-off, just after Plattekloof. You will see the toboggan track winding down the hillside to your left.

    Made it to the track on Sunday! It was fantastic fun and well worth the time and effort to get there. If you fancy more than 3 rides I would recommend getting the day pass, as you then bypass most of the queue, giving you a wait time between rides of about 5 minutes. If you are standing in the regular queue watch out for little cretins, ducking under the railings to jump the line…