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Extreme Hotel in Cape Town: a Pre-review

I was going to wait until I have been to the extreme hotel before I wrote about it, but that would be too obvious wouldn’t it.

The Extreme brand has been growing in leaps and bounds, covering many market sectors like print, clothes, mobile phones, medical and now hotels. It has partnered with Hotel Chains Istithmar and Protea in South Africa to roll out R200m worth of hotels (how many does that buy?) the first of which is in Cape Town city centre.


As an extreme sports themed hotel it boasts a five storey climbing wall, a restaurant that looks into a glass walled swimming pool and a private sound room for screenings or rocking out. The elevator is a shark cage and the men’s urinals seem to jut out from the building on scaffolding. The most original feature is the “smoking room” in which puffing outcasts (like me) sit on white coffins, whilst being taunted by pictures on the walls of deceased fellows peering down from the heavens.

Nice touch!

Alistair Gosling started the Extreme Brand and was founder of the Extreme Sports Channel. He has touted that this hotel will feel like a 5 star, but with 3 star prices. Sounds good!

To get a glimpse of the hotel you can check out