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Horse Riding in Cape Town

Cape Town has a few great spots to go for a horse ride if the mood takes you.

The two places I know are great are Noordhoek beach and Milnerton Equestrian School.

There are a few operators in Noordhoek village and they will take you on a glorious ride down kilometres of pristine beach at whatever pace you like. What I like about his is that on the beach there is no grass for the horsie to stop and eat. I am not an experienced rider, horsies know this and immediately reckon it’s lunch time.

Milnerton equestrian school is conveniently central (next to killarney race track), but as soon as you are there, you are whisked away to a distant, country scene. Manure plays a big part in that also.
They have a great selection of horses including some ex-racehorses, for the more adventurous suicidal. Out rides can be a bit short here, because the young guides seem to be more interested in polishing their crop’s or whatever, so make sure you get your monies worth or you will end up with a glorified pony ride.

Expect to pay between R100 and R150 ($15-$20) per person for an out ride and take a few carrots for currency.