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Kruger park and Sabi Safari time!

It has been a long time since I last drove from Cape Town to “The Bush” about 5 years at least, so despite a plea from my wife to fly, we will be road-trippin to Hazy View, Mapumalanga.

It should be around a 20 Hour drive, its 1800Km (1125 miles) from Cape Town and on good roads. The last stretch from Nelspruit to Hazy view is a little fiddly, so that may take an hour or so longer if I factor in a few cows and potholes.

There is something about driving silly distances like this that really give you the feeling of….well distance, which adds to ones appreciation. Sort of like putting on tight shoes to get the pleasure of taking them off again. (you know who you are)

We plan to leave on Saturday night, that way the girls can sleep while I do my masochist martyr thing all night and then be whiny and delirious the next day. Its all part of the plan. We should then arrive in Hazyview around 6pm Sunday God willing, in time for a lekker braai next to the hippos.

Last time we were there someone at the resort had there head bitten off by a Hippo!, which is disconcerting by itself, but add to that the fact that we found a hippo in the car port, maybe 2 metres from the front door and it makes it downright exciting. Hippos are the most dangerous animal in Africa and are second only to the Anopheles Mosquito in body count (Malaria). They are very big (14 feet long and 5 feet tall) and they can outrun a man over short distances. The hippos not the mozzies.