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Most Dangerous Animals in South Africa (and the world)

I was reading some info on the 10 most dangerous animals in the world and it struck me that 8 of them were found mainly in Africa! That’s pretty good going.


#10: Bears: Formidable foe’s with a sweet tooth. Offing 10 people a year mainly in the US and Canada.

#9: Sharks: Need no introduction, big teeth, blood lust and more teeth serrating 100 globally every year.

#8: Jellyfish: The box jellyfish is the main culprit and the deadliest thing in the sea, apart from the sea itself. 100 cold ones annually.

#7: Hippopotamus: Mouths that can open 4 feet wide and “legs” that can outrun us on land and in water. Think 150 per annum.

#6: Elephants: Have been known to kill thie keepers even after 15 years worth of hay and trunk scrubbing. 500 Squishes a year.

#5: The Crocodile: Highly efficient leathery killers that taste like chicken. Death Rolling 800 a year.

#4: Big Cats: Mainly the African lion, but also tigers and mountain lions drag away 800 people a year.

#3: Scorpions: Only 25 species of dangerous scorpion exist, but accounting for over 2000 deaths a year.

#2: Snakes: 125,000 deaths a year, from 250 species of deadly slizzards.

#1:The Mosquito: spreading Malaria, elephantiasis, yellow fever, dengue fever and west Nile virus. Kills 3 Million a year