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Mozambique Dhow Trip May 2009

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The African travel industry is packed full of unlikely characters and lifestyle searchers who occasionally find themselves camped out in odd corners of the continent. Sometimes they ponder schemes and ideas from a local beach bar until the money runs out, and sometimes they get deeply involved in the local venture travel scene, and successfully complete a translocation. Mozambique has always been a popular destination for beach combers and lifestyle travelers. In 1994 it was an open book after 30 years of civil war, and with a lot of South African money, and the ideas of plenty of itinerate and inspirational characters, it has grown into one of the most sought after beach and coastal destinations in Africa.

The Only Way To See Mozambique

The beach towns of Xai Xai, Inhambane, Ncala, and in particular Vilanculos, have become magnets for the kinds of professional drifters that have since come to form the vanguard of the local tourist industry. Among these is to be found Kerry Butler, a Kiwi professional traveler turned tour entrepreneur, who now owns and runs the successful Mozaic Travel Agency out of Maputo, and who can always be relied upon to put together an excellent trip.

A few years ago I joined Kerry and a few friends on an impromptu trip to bring down a newly purchased dhow from Beira to Vilanculos. There it was to join the fleet of the then fledgling Sailaway dhow safari outfit owned an run by another South African beachcomber of dubious pedigree, but impeccable vision, Dave Kimber. It was an impromptu trip in every sense of the word, and in fact turned into a bit of an epic. However despite rampant sea sickness, some teething problems with engines and ablutions, we drifted into the idyllic waters of the archipelago islands without major mishap and with one of the most excellent of sea voyages behind us.

Ncala to Vilanculos Dhow Trip

This year Kerry and Dave are planning to sail a couple of newly commissioned dhows from Ncala in northern Mozambique back to the Archipelago, and are offering a few places to a select group of travelers to join them on another unique and once in a lifetime journey. The 12 meter ‘Samara’ and ‘Wahina’ will both set off at the beginning of May 2009 on a journey of about 1350km down the coast of Mozambique. This is an epic trip for these small craft, and the voyage will be as unique an adventure as anyone can hope for in a lifetime.

The sailing time will be between 19 to 24 days, with Mozaic providing an expedition compliment of tents and mess gear, with all food provided via a food kitty. Various towns and sites will be visited, including Ilha de Mozambique, Angoche, the Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago, Beira, the Bartholomeu Diaz peninsula and the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Six Places Available

There are just six places available for this trip. Sailaway will be providing the craft and the expert support staff, and a generally impromptu and friendly atmosphere can be expected among the friends and well wishers of Sailaway and Mozaic who will be lending their skills and expertise to the expedition.

From South Africa

If you are in South Africa, or you are planning a trip to Southern Africa at this time, this is an ideal opportunity to stitch a little side journey to your trip. Travel from South Africa to Mozambique is easy, and Mozaic can book and arrange any transit requirements you might have.

This is an opportunity for a wholly authentic, one-off trip down the length of the beautiful Mozambique coast. Get in touch with me today about prices and details and lets get you ‘sailing away with Captain Dave’ on a Mozambique adventure of a lifetime…!