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Car Rental in Cape Town: Rent-A-Merc !

I have been seeing more and more of these “Rent a Mercedes Benz” cars driving around, that I thought it must be a good deal and sought to find out more.

Series 123 Mercedes are a firm favourite of long-stay visitors, students, surfers and motor mechanics. Basically they run forever and require little or no maintenance (I own one). They cruise along in stately comfort like a land Yacht and fear nothing in the way of crunchy Japanese cars that may get stuck in the grill.


You can fit a surfboard in the glove box and with roof racks, I have seen windsurfers piled up….well extremely high. The only downside is they do like a bit of fuel, to carry that hulking frame around.

These cars (and other new cars) can be leased at very low prices from “Classic Car Rental” in Bellville, (only 10 minutes for the airport)
They start at R2400/month ($350) ($12/day) for the Merc 123 and R2800/month ($400) for the Merc 124. I don’t know what the daily rate is, but I bet it is good.

Below are the new and nearly new cars that they offer.

Hyundai Atos R4000-00 per month or R200-00 per day (NEW CARS – 2007 MODELS) Come with air con, power steering, electric windows, alarm, auto or manual, central locking.

Camry, Polo, Mazda cars R4000-00 per month or R200-00 per day (1995 – 1999 MODELS AND STILL VERY RELIABLE)

air con, power steering, some with electric windows, alarm, auto or manual, some with central locking.
All the prices include free kilometres, 24 hour road assistance and insurance- no extra cost involved.

There is a standard deposit of R2000-00 ($280) which the client gets back after the rental period.

Contact Eric Swanepoel on +27 21 945 2276 or +27 844 446 656
Or email him here