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Where to Stay in Knysna: Cherry’s Questions Answered

Cherry posts a comment, asking – What’s a good backpacker’s in the Knysna-George region? Is it safe to take minibus taxis? Is there anything he should know, travel-precautions-wise, vis-a-vis the fact that he’s Indian?

Interesting questions, Cherry – and right up SA Blog’s alley!

Knysna Accommodation:

Minibus taxi advice:

  • The plain truth about minibus taxis is that, while they cover almost every route under the SA sun, they’re also subject to higher-than-average accident rates. (And they’re less-than-comfy to ride in for any long period of time.) So, Cherry, I would recommend that you consider alternative transport for your trip to Cape Town.
  • The best option is probably to travel via the Baz Bus. It will pick you up at your backpackers and get you to Cape Town safe-n-sound, albeit slowly, and in the company of other backpackers.
  • Otherwise, look into the trans-Cape bus services of Intercape, Translux or Greyhound.

Travelling while Indian:

  • The only thing you should bear in mind on this subject is the fact that I’ve written a cookbook on Indian cuisine, which would make a great gift for all your friends back home! Read more: The Masala Cookbook.
  • Seriously, Cherry, you’ve nothing to fear from a racial standpoint during your trip – and you’ll find Indian culture in South Africa very interesting to explore! (See my cheap curries tag to get started in Cape Town.)