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It’s Time to Reveal What’s in SA Logue’s Fridge

Beer! Tafel Lager, that is, because no domestic SAB beer – horribly nasty brews like Castle Lager, Black Label, Amstel, Hansa and so on – will e’er pass my lips. (Note: I will drink a few of SAB’s international beers, such as Pilsner Urquell, and will also sip Amstel that’s brewed in Holland. Glad we sorted that out.)

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Tafel is brewed by Namibia’s Nambrew, which adheres to German purity standards (unlike SAB, which adds corn to nearly all its beer, barf). As a lager, it’s an exceedingly enjoyable refreshment. It’s light, it’s tasty, it’s got suitable levels of alcohol (4%), and if you drink it you’re member of an exclusive and very priveleged sect, most particularly because it’s not available in SA bars and restaurants, SAB having a distribution monopoly down here. But you can find it in most bottle stores, and then impress everyone by practicing B.Y.O.T.L.

Don’t just take my word on Tafel’s greatness, though; find confirmation in these further panegyrics: