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Paulaner Brauhaus: V&A Waterfront

Whenever I am at the Waterfront, I try and make a little visit to the Paulaner Brewery on the Clocktower side. (Over the raising bridge). It’s a large venue, probably seating around 500, and is right next to the platform to catch the ferry to Robben Island.

I like a beer on a hot day and nothing compares to a Hefe Weisbier served in a ruddy fish tank. Weissbier (wheat beer) apart from being made from wheat is cloudy and sweeter than lager. In the heat is goes down like a little fat boy at a cannibal convention and leaves you feeling like a jolly round German.

To my knowledge (which is slight), they are the only brewer of Hefe-Weisen in Cape Town and the only place I have found here that you can buy it in draught form. They even use their very own strain of yeast which they imported from Germany. How does one import yeast conveniently? The Paulaner monks, who created the yeast (erg!), have been brewing since 1634, before Waterfronts were even invented.

The first time I tried it, was in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria. There was a little Hansel and Gretel cottage at the summit of a ski run, serving Weissbier and pretzels. The extra altitude is a great buzz booster, plus the extra gravity from gallons of ale, make you snowboard a bit like a champ….

The food looks very authentic if not a little expensive. I have only had the pretzels, which are warm, salty and leave room for the frosty fat boys. You can view their menu here.

One can also buy kegs! Eins Zwei Drei Suffa!