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The best coffee in Cape Town, goes to…..

The major cities in South Africa over the last 4-5 years have slowly been waking up to the joys of quality coffee. In fact we have had very good beans for over 20 years, but not the barista’s or even coffee lovers behind the machines to make it properly. ie, using the correct grind, not burning the milk etc. On a bad day you can still hear people order a “Cup-of-Chino-wiff-cream” blergh.

With the advent of the formidable cafe Vida AKA Vida e cafe, people are starting to expect decently made coffee and it has been a mission of mine since my stint Australia, the home of the “Flat White”, to find an equally perfect cup of coffee. Vida comes very close with their “meia de leite” (half milk), but recently I have found a place that makes the perfect honest to goodness “flat white”!

So without further ado I announce IMHON the best coffee in Cape Town: Barista Blu Coffee Shop in Blaauwberg Road at the new Horizon Bay centre. Well done guys, keep it up!