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Sunset Beach, Bantry Bay: Beach Review

Sunset Beach
Bantry Bay
Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town

Directions: Down from the intersection of Queens and Beach Roads, Bantry Bay.

Description of beach: Rocky, rough sea and sand

Best times to go: Sunset, supposedly
Rental chairs? No
Rental umbrellas? No
What’s nearby? Ocean-front boardwalk

This small scrap of sand is technically a beach, but with so many nicer beaches close by, there’s no reason to visit unless for a quick sundowner.

The sand here is infiltrated with foot-poking rocks and shells, and jagged large boulders make trips into the water deadly affairs. The short beach backs directly up to the busy Beach Road. The closest shops and restaurants are a stagger up Queens Road to Regent Street.

On the positive side, there’s usually some parking nearby.