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Cape Town International Airport

cape-town-international-airportSecond largest Airport in South Africa behind Oliver Tambo International, and the third largest in Africa. It is the main gateway for tourist traffic into Cape Town and the Cape region. Cape Town International is another showpiece of South African transport and communications infrastructure, and is a major South African transport hub. It is currently undergoing major renovations in preparation for the Fifa 2010 World Cup Tournament.

The Airport

Cape Town International is situated 22km southeast of the City Bowl on the main N2 highway leading east out of the city. The airport has five terminals handling domestic and international arrivals and departures.

International arrivals has a capacity of handling almost 1000 passengers an hour, with a 1300 passenger international departure capacity. The airport is spacious, conveniently arranged and easy to navigate. It contains over 100 shops and 45 restaurants, and international standard banking halls, currency exchange and car hire facilities


Besides a range of car rental options, there are a number regular bus services and shuttles provided by all the major hotel chains and accommodation options. The airport will be linked with the Metrorail system by 2010.


South Africa is a high crime region, so extra care is advisable at all times. This is particularly true when choosing taxi operators and busses, and it makes sense to always check that your carrier is a listed, reliable and registered operator, which can be confirmed at any of the many information centres.

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