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After Summer, the Deluge!

The smell of snow is lingering distinctly in the air of Cape Town this morning, after a night of icy, pummelling rains.

What!? Snow! in Africa!? you ask. Not to digress from the important subject at hand, but, yes, Africa does get snow – especially in mountainous areas like Lesotho, and, nearer to SA Logue’s home, in the higher peaks of the Cape Winelands, especially those in the Ceres region (where, each winter without fail, children are photographed making snowmen).

The weather is so miserable, in fact, that the National Weather Service has issued a caution for the weekend, charmingly entitled – Wrap Up Warmly for Very Cold Weather! Click to read.

Meanwhile, given Cape Town’s ongoing electricity supply problems, the weekend cold snap might see the dreaded spectre of load shedding raised once again – in preparation for which, why not revisit SA Logue’s What to Do During a Power Failure in South Africa.

Of course, one of Your Correspondent’s favorite things to do on a day like today, is drive down to Cape Point, which is always at its most spectacular in heavy weather. After getting soaked to the bone, the best thing to do is proceed back to Simonstown, and warm up over a cup or two of butter tea at the Tibetan Tea House (SA Logue’s review coming soon; meanwhile, see Spirit of Africa Trail for a quickie.)