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Big Blubber BBQ Going Well

Alert! The Kommetjie beached-whale braai that had been planned for last week began today, now that both weather and tides are cooperating.

According to Table Mountain National Park officials, the burn of the 40-odd ton carcass is going better than planned. Yes, the smoke burns thick and black (or white, depending on the reports you read), but the smell is apparently quite similar to that of a lekker chop sizzling over the coals. And sizzling… and sizzling… and sizzling…

The bones seem to be burning along with the blubber, so that there won’t be much left of the beast when everything finally cools down, much to the dismay of local sharks, which have probably hoped to snag a few scraps washing out with the tide. Surfers are meanwhile being advised to steer clear of Kommetjie for at least another day, to avoid becoming secondary targets.