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Cafe Paradiso, Kloof Street, Cape Town: Restaurant Review

Cafe Paradiso
110 Kloof St., cnr. De Lorentz
Gardens, Cape Town
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Specialty: Good times food & booze.
Tel: +27 (0) 21 423 8653, Fax: +27 (0) 21 423 3042
SA Blog recommends a look inside? Possibly

Further Insight & Opinion
One of the best things to do, on a sunny afternoon in Cape Town, is head up Kloof Street to Cafe Paradiso, where you can bask in the front courtyard, taking in the great views of Table Mountain, and imbibing cold beer. It’s splendid.

If you should actually venture inside the restaurant, like as not you’ll be in for more good times – for that is what Cafe Paradiso specializes in. The food is pure comfort, Mediterranean with an Afrikaans twist, and served in ample portions. I personally have had a hit-and-miss history with it – sometimes the chicken is just a wee bit too crispy – and so tend to keep to the courtyard. But there’s no arguing about Paradiso’s prices – quite low, by city standards – or its winelist – quite extensive, and with more wines by the glass than most. At the very least, get over for a pre-sup tipple.