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Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town: Beach Review

Camps Bay Beach
Camps Bay, Cape Town

Directions: Head south from Cape Town along the beach and on to Victoria (a.k.a. Main) Road. To cut off time, go over Kloof Nek and down onto Camps Bay Drive, which runs along the beach.

Description of beach: Large beach with separate tidal pools, offering stunning views of both Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. Easily accessible from Cape Town’s CBD, it is one of the most popular – and lauded – beaches in the city.

Best times to go: In the morning before the crowds
Rental chairs? Yes
Rental umbrellas? Yes
What’s nearby? Nightclubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Pretty People

Whether you’re in search of sun, sand or spectacular views (from both scenery and bathers alike) you’ll find it at Camps Bay.

Although not as exclusive as the nearby wind-protected Clifton Beach, Camps Bay is a close second on the too-hot-to-trot meter.

Camps Bay is an active beach, with restaurants lining the adjacent road. The ‘come and be seen’ vibe is notorious – and well deserved, since the water is too cold for anything but a quick dip when the sun is at its hottest.

Be warned – the Cape Doctor southeaster can really whip through this area. On howling days the beach is mostly deserted. Conversely, expect warm summer days to be packed.

You can usually jump into a volleyball match, or an occasional game of touch rugby.

There is a police post on the beach and monitored beach side parking, if you come early enough to find a bay.