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Car Guard Ban on the Cards?

Alert! The City of Cape Town, under new management (see: ), is considering a ban on car guards, those mostly-friendly fellows who spot vacant parking bays and guide all-vehicles-great-and-small into them, then look after the cars in exchange for a tip.

  • Normal car guard tip: R2-R5. Do tip!

In Your Correspondent’s opinion, the city’s move amounts to a return to Medieval feudalism. OK, perhaps it’s not that drastic – and, OK, Africa never had a Medieval period – but one finds it difficult to imagine what purpose a ban would serve, other than the dilution of policing resources.

Truth is, car guards are pretty harmless, tipping them doesn’t amount to much inconvenience, and my car’s never been broken into on their watch. SA Logue will keep you apprised of car guard developments!