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Christmas in Cape Town: Welcome back and Season’s Greetings!

Although hardcore Christmas fans might be upset by the lack of snow, black ice and Yule time road accidents, South Africa is a lovely place to be at Christmas. Blistering hot days, blue skies and sweaty Santa’s in non-seasonally adjusted get-up.

For Dinner on Christmas eve we visited my wife’s Portuguese e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d family,(There are a large number of Portuguese/Mozambican ex-patriots in South Africa), where we ate feijoada (pork and beans), arroz de pato (Duck with Rice) and rissoles de Camaron (Prawn rissoles). There we had the opening of the presents at Midnight, which is their tradition, but it begs the question; When does Santa drop the presents off?. “Probably when you’re eating” would be the response.

The last few days we have spent with my family eating far too much turkey, stuffing, gammon and fixin’s than is sensible. Christmas time in Australia is also hot , but they do the intelligent thing and resort to shrimp barbecues and the like, but not here. Heavy traditional English winter food is the norm, and I am paying for it now. Remember, don’t overdo it, just do it over!.

Merry Christmas from South Africa Logue!!