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Greenmarket Square, CBD, Cape Town: Shopping Review

Greenmarket Square
Between Shortmarket and Longmarket Streets, CBD, Cape Town | Map

Specialty: Clothes, music and African curios almost any day of the week (Monday-Saturday)
Contact: Tel: N/A, Fax: N/A
SA Blog recommends a look? Possibly

Further Insight & Opinion
Formerly the site of a slave market, Greenmarket Square is now a good place to find African curios (make sure to sniff it!), clothes, bric-a-brac and other souvenirs.

The cobblestone streets are worth tottering over, and the bordering Old Town House art museum (built in the late 1700s), restaurants, cafes, hotels and other shops merit a look inside. There are a number of lively dancers and musical acts to watch (for a small price!) while you rest and have a cup of coffee.

This outdoor market is essentially a daily, scaled-down version of the one that takes place at Green Point Stadium on Sundays.