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Head to Cape Point for Baboon Hijinks

While it’s not guaranteed that you’ll see baboons during your visit to Cape Town, you can increase your chances by hanging around the Cape Point Nature Reserve, where they preponderate. This mom-and-kid combo was recently spotted there, availing itself of the convenience of the reserve’s roads. Awww:

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The baboons also preponderate on the roads that lead to Cape Point, and, if you leave the window open, they will preponderate in your car, too – busily digging around for food while you flee in horror.

  • Baboon rules: Don’t approach them; hide your food; be careful when you roll down windows to take their pictures; and if they get into your car, get out, and leave the door open behind you!
  • “Baboon” in Afrikaans: bobbejaan, pronounced boh-buh-YAWN.