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Huey Watch Goes Into Hibernation

Monday 9 Jan, 1pm: Thar she blows! The olive-green Huey!

Is is just me, or has the Huey Watch become a touch stale – like a bagel you’ve bought at New York Bagels on Sea Point’s Main Road, but then forgotten about for a few days – ?

It seems the chopper’s legal bugbears have gone into hibernation for the time being, and Huey Watch is going to follow suit. Should the bugbears ever reappear, roaring at the top of their lungs, grounding the Huey with their fierce interdicts, SA Blog will reawaken this post.

New York Bagels, by the way, will one day get a post of its own. But meanwhile, you should know that it’s the best all-round deli in Cape Town. Head to 51 Regent Road (aka Main Road), or call +27 (0) 21 439-7523 for plattersful of treats.