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Huey Watch – Your Questions Answered

(An SA Blog Beta post from Your Correspondent)

5 Jan 2006, 4th post: eerie silence all morning has just been broken by the inimitable whup, whup. Thar she blows! The olive green Huey!

Melissa asks, what is an olive green Huey? An excellent question, Melissa. An olive green Huey is a giant metal bird, endemic to North America, and generally non-migratory. However, one specimen (male, we think) has settled in Cape Town, and can often be seen cruising the airways between Milnerton and Cape Point. It’s such a rarity in these parts that we’ve started the Huey Watch to track its sightings.

OK, if that’s too obscure for you, here’s the straight dope on the Huey: it’s a military helicopter. It was used to transport troops in Vietnam. In Cape Town, tourists can book a sightseeing tour on one – depending on the chopper’s legal status, which can change daily, because the authorities want to close the operation down.

For further Huey appreciation, there’s no better place to go than
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