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It’s a win, win, win for the green and gold!


Wow, what a weekend!

On Sunday the street were a-hush as people regrouped themselves after Saturday night’s revelry.

South African’s all over the world are in a state of bliss and hopefully home sickness, watching our boks in green and gold scoop up not “just” the championship trophy, but player of the year and coach of the tournament also!

Bryan Habana’s 8 tournament tries is joint record with Jona Lomu. Dazzling the rugby world with his ridiculous speed.

The joy on the teams faces was a thing to behold and even Thabo Mbeki was smiling. There is a bit of a furore over the British team not shaking his hand as they passed down the line, but if you watched it you’ll notice he is a very slight man, and was obstructed by the porkier Gordon Brown. It would have been nice to have had the presence of Madiba there, but then Mbeki would really have been sidelined.

The team are on their way home tonight and will arrive at O.R.Tambo aka:Johannesburg International tomorrow.

There are a total of 6 ticker tape parades being planned, with the last being in Cape Town. Keep an eye out here for planned routes and times.

Well done boks, you did us all proud! Now can I have my voice back please 🙂