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Jeff’s South Africa trip ’07-email discussion- #1

Jeff from the states emailed, requesting some info and help with his itinerary for his upcoming South Africa trip.

I realized, as I do often, just how huge this country is and how much there is to see. He kindly allowed me to post his email here, because I imagine there are others planning a similar trip or who have some good suggestions for him.

I also spent a long time in reply, so can’t keep awake to write anything else tonight 🙂 I am hoping Jeff will keep me posted on his trip and perhaps send some nice pictures afterwards and perhaps a rundown of his adventure. Email has been edited for brevity.

Hi Philip

What we know:

Excluding the days of international travel, we have 18 days (mid-March to early April).

We’d like to concentrate our trip on Cape Town and surrounding areas, Kruger (four to five days split between private and public), Drakensburg and/or Swaziland and/or Lesotho.

For accommodation, we’d like to spend around 400 ZAR/night for most nights and then splurge when it really makes sense, i.e. the private game reserve.

What we’d love some advice on:

Once we rent a car, some type of route to get us from Joburg to Kruger, key points of Drakensburg/Swazi/Lesotho (or vice versa) and back to Joburg.

A bit of specifics/highlights on Draken/Swazi/Lesotho

Recommended accommodation and good eats

Ways to get to know the real SA while staying safe

How we should divide our time

If you’d like to use any of this for the site, I’m happy to oblige.