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Mayor Helen Zille, Still the Mayor of Cape Town: Phew!

A very tough few days for Mayor Helen Zille, the DA and the multiparty ruling structure of Cape Towns leadership.

It started off with newcomer  Badih Chaaban staging a self serving coup and threatening to form a coalition with the ANC if he was not given the title of Deputy Mayor. Mayor Helen Zille did the right thing and removed the AMP from the fold, thus making her coalition a minority, with a very real possibility of losing control of Cape Town to a new coalition formed by the remaining parties.

Today the ID, stepped up to the plate and joined with the DA, to regain the Majority, this is about as exciting as politics gets I think.

Helen Zille is emerging as a highly principled and capable leader, who I for one would like to see leading the DA, although I would hate to see her leave the post of Mayor.