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MCQP: Mother City Queer Project Pictures, The straight and harrowing.

The evening started with us debating whether or not we were going to go at all, but try and persuade a hair and makeup artist not to go to a costume ball and you’ll know how the negotiations went. The next stage was deciding what to go as.


Most of the attendees have been planning their costumes for weeks if not longer and probably have pink boa’s as a matter of course in their refrigerator. I on the other hand, have no exciting supermen costumes lying around, nor the tools to magic one up. So I went as Dick Tracy, nice black suit (although his was yellow) and a white hat and a pink tie to make peace with the natives. Sarah went as a very convincing “Tank Girl” complete with Adam Ant white stripe and barrier tape leggings.

Ratanga Junction was an inspired venue for this event and they had the antique carousel running, which was a nice touch. The music was best in the 70’s and 80’s room and I am going to hazard a guess at the attendance of 12000. A very impressive party, which I believe ran well into the evening the following day.

Some noteworthy costumes: Tin-tin, Ass tricks + Ob Licks, Spy Vs Spy and The Cat in the Hat.

Photo’s on Flikr.