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Mexican Kitchen, Cape Town: Restaurant Review

Mexican Kitchen
13 Bloem St., just off Long St.
Cape Town
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Specialty: Mexican cookin’, African style
Tel: +27 (0) 21 423 1541
SA Blog recommends a look inside? Definitely

Further Insight & Opinion
By “African style”, I mean simply to say that you’re not likely to come across ostrich fajitas terribly often in North America. But it’s one of “the Mex’s” specialties – and highly recommended.

Word of great caution: South African waiters tend to pronounce the word “fajita” with a soft “j” (as in “John”) and a long “i” (as in kind) – causing various facial reactions among their international customers. But don’t worry, they’re just talking about a nice dish of sauteed meat and vegetables that you assemble with various garnishes inside a soft warm tortilla. Nothing else.

To be sure, Mexican food in Cape Town is a far cry from the kind you can get, say, in Denver, Colorado (where it’s absolutely brilliant), but “the Mex” does its best, and its best is better than the rest. It’s a great place to hang out and sip margaritas, and being just off Long Street, is very conveniently located. It gets on the SA Logue “Best of Cape Town” list.