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Monday Night Clifton Beach Drum Circle and Fire-dancing

Every Monday night – especially during the warm summer months – Clifton’s second beach is taken over by African drum enthusiasts, fire-dancers, capoiera players, belly dancers and those of the chill-and-drink ilk.

People gather on the beach for a picnic and sundowners (technically, alcohol is banned), although the show really starts going around 8 p.m., or when the sun sets, and ends around 10 p.m.

Having missed the spectacle last week, I vowed to check it out this Monday. There were a dozen or so cops at the top of the stairs, checking people’s bags for alcohol and issuing stern warnings about no booze, fires or drums on the beach. Apparently the prior session had irked some neighbors, who were upset that the event was getting too big…and noisy.

The paper had an article about the cancellation today – although the focus was on the dancing Maxim model who got the boot.

Apparently this is not the first time the event has had to be shut down, and there are hopes of its return next week.

Show up early for a coveted parking spot. Due to tides, latecomers may be forced to constantly pack up and move back into vacated areas. Also, be aware that alcohol is not allowed on the beach, and you can be fined for drinking in public.