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Resources for Steve and Family, Furnished-Flat Seekers

Steve in Winnipeg, Canada – where the ice never melts, and the locals complain about the horrible Tuscan-style igloos going up everywhere – removed his thick skiing gloves for a few moments, bent his frozen fingers into shape for typing, and managed to dash off a note to SA Logue about relocating to Africa before the frostbite set in.

It’s a good move, Steve – you’ll love the balmy Cape. (Except for the few weeks in July and August when even transplanted Innuits get cold.) You say you’re looking for furnished accommodation? First thing to know about renting a flat here is that “furnished” often just means “with oven and refrigerator”. Many flats come with neither – all you get is bare rooms, which can take quite some time to fill. (Bank on getting one major thing done per day here – buying and taking delivery of a fridge, for example, is a major thing; same with a stove; etc.)

The thing to look for is a “fully-furnished” flat, and there are many resources for finding one, as follows:

As for what to see and do, don’t forget to have a look at SA Logue’s Best of Cape Town and SA Travel Essential Info tags.

I hope you have a nice (warm) stay!