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Responsible expenditure of public revenue: By Leonard Ramtlakane, Western Cape.

Leonard Ramatlakane, the Community Safety MEC, Western Cape has saved his job, by promising to pay back the R250 000 he overspent on “beefing up security” at his home.

The total amount spent by the community safety MEC, was R347 716 (nearly $50K). “The Ministry is accountable to the public for the performance of the Department and for the service delivery of the Minister’s portfolio. It formulates and develops policy and law reform in accordance with the Minister’s mandate, and oversees the implementation of projects that ensure accountable and responsible expenditure of public revenue” Hehehehe.

We recently were quoted on electric fencing for a 1000 square meter plot at R4000, so I would be very interested to see what a 1/3 of a million Rands worth of beefing up looks like.