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Table Mountain Fire: Monitor On These Webcams

Table Mountain Fire.jpg
Table Mountain fire starts in the city bowl. Picture courtesy of Bruce Hetherington.

Table Mountain is currently engulfed by its worst fire in decades – generating smoke so thick it has blotted out the sun in many areas. The flames have reached homes at several points in the upper city bowl, and firefighters report over the radio that high winds are foreclosing any hope of containment. Three helicopters are water-bombing the blaze, and will be able to continue for at least another two hours, before nightfall renders their paths unnavigable.

One person has been reported dead, a 65-year-old British tourist who was hiking on the mountain with her daughter. The woman succumbed to smoke inhalation while her daughter sought help.

You can listen to the unfolding drama via Cape Talk audio streaming. SA Blog is sourcing pictures of the fire; meanwhile, watch it over these three webcams:

Craig’s Table Mountain Webcam

Cape Town Webcam’s Webcams