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Table Mountain Fire: Update 4

A few isolated fires continue to wink on the apron of Lion’s Head, Atlantic Seaboard side, and soot continues to sift through the air in Sea Point, but the blaze is under control at last. This in contrast to the inferno that had threatened the upper reaches of Fresnaye several hours earlier, after jumping fire breaks on the city bowl side of the mountain, where the fire started.

Fresnaye fire at about 10pm. The lights below the fire’s semi-circle are houses in Fresnaye.
Fresnaye Fire.jpg

Cape Town’s firefighters have been truly heroic, battling not just intense, roaring, 20-meter-high towers of flame, but also whipping winds. Several homes in the city bowl have been partially destroyed (at least), and one person is reported dead. But the threat of further destruction has abated, thanks to the firefighters’ exceptional diligence.

Fresnaye fire close up.
Fresnaye Fire Close Up.jpg

This looks bad – doubtless tomorrow’s light of day will unveil truly terrible scenes.

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