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Texies, Sea Point: Fish & Chips Top Five

SA Logue brings you the top five places in Cape Town for fish & chips. See our Fish & Chips Top 5 tag for more.

196 Main Road
Sea Point, Cape Town
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Specialty: Fish & Chips, Gatsbys
Contact: Tel: +27 (0) 21 434 9305
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Further Insight & Opinion
Texies is a home-grown fish and chips chain – which also sells fresh fish – with several outlets in Cape Town’s CBD, and a few more dotted around the suburbs. They’re all pretty good, but the best of the lot is the Sea Point franchise, which makes a special fish and chips sandwich, called a “gatsby”, that’s second to none.

The term “gatsby” requires a brief explanation. A gatsby is essentially a long, thick, soft baguette stuffed with an inordinate amount of fried or curried food, such as fish, chips, steak, chicken or polony (sausage). It’s perfectly obscene, and a single gatsby will usually satisfy four hungry stomachs.

The best gatsby to order at the Sea Point Texies is the smallest one, the “half gatsby”. Get it with hake and chips, ask for salads (lettuce & tomato), salt, vinegar, peri-peri sauce (which is quite spicy, be warned), and that it be cut in half, and share with a friend. Can’t be beat.

  • Texies in Sea Point ranks as number five on SA Logue’s list, and is easily reached from the Cape Town CBD via Rikkis or minibus taxi.