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The Butchers grill: Meat fit for a 500hp BBQ

One thing that startled me in America, was the amount of time, expense and frivolity that was spent on the institution of Barbecuing. Massive chromed out grills with built in Hemi’s and Hi-fi’s , personalised branding irons, and all the rest. But when it actually came down to the cooking, it would be Frank’s, kebabs and burger patties ??? Why??. No offence, but Surely one can see that this grilling horsepower is wasted on processed meat (pigs eyelids).

A traditional South African Braai would be chicken, pojtikos or some lamb chops. These aren’t the neat little lamb chops seen on a “rack”, but rather indistinct cuts of meat, extracted by an angry butcher.

Some segments of the market have come a long way from there. Please visit The Butchers Grill when you come to South Africa. There are a few of them around, but the ones I have been to are in Buitengracht Street (City Centre) and Table View. The meat there, is aged (within an inch of its life), either dry or in Vacuum sealed bags. The ageing process tenderizes the meat immensely and adds huge flavour. It also rids the steak of excess water (about 5-10% gross weight), so that they need not be rested after cooking. You can either eat there or better yet, take the meat home with you to cook the way you like it.

The meat is in no need of marinades, bastes, sauces or anything except salt and pepper. Also cooking it any further than medium is murder, ideally it should still be mooing softly. Yesterday I bough 2 X 500 gram T-Bones about as thick as my arm and far tastier. I am now ready to hunt effectively on the plains.