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The J&B Met: The Ascot of Cape Town

The famous and prestigious J&B Met was held this past Saturday and saw nearly 60000 socialites getting dolled up, drunk and muddy.

Sarah did the hair and make-up for the fashion show after the race in “The Equus lounge”. Although not actually seeing a horse, she heard the thudding and cheering and said a good time was had by all.

Jockey Jeff Lloyd stole the show winning with “Pocket Power” and “Sun Classique”, who names these horses anyway?

Here’s a nice joke:

A gigantic white horse walks into a bar and orders a drink; The barman with a stunned look says “errr we’ve got a Whiskey named after you”

The Horse looks confused and says “ What…, Eric?”

Beginning in the early 1800’s and once known as the Metropolitan Mile, the J&B Met is the highlight of Cape Towns Horsey calendar and amongst the “Big Three” in the country. It has become the largest annual outdoor social event in SA.