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Where to Watch the World Cup in Cape Town: Obz Cafe, Observatory

SA Logue introduces you to some of the best places in Cape Town to park for World Cup Matches! Find more spots with our Watch the Cup tag.

Obz Cafe
115 Lower Main Road
Observatory, Cape Town
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Specialty: Coffee; light breakfasts, lunches and suppers.
Tel: +27 (0) 21 448 5555

Further Insight & Opinion
First, the beer: the Obz Cafe sometimes runs out of it, which can be a pretty dire situation to face, having settled in there to watch a World Cup match. Fortunately, last night saw the restaurant only run dry of SAB beers, which, since they’re generally quite vile, is nothing to complain about. Namibian and European beers are better by miles. We were all drinking the latter, and our livers and joints thanked us for this.

Second, the atmosphere: I refer you to yesterday evening’s final post, “the noose”. Ghana was thumped by Brazil, and Obz Cafe was packed with Ghana supporters, so we all felt like hell. Normally, however, a large crowd is a good thing, so I suspect that the vibe will be much livelier, come the quarters and semis.

Third, the food: two party platters for the table were ordered, which took the entire first half to prepare, but were darn good eatin’ during the second half. The food is good at Obz Cafe.

Fourth, the service: iffy. Too many people, too few servers. I ordered a beer about five times before actually getting one – but to the cafe’s credit, it was graciously comp’ed.

Fifth, the big screen:
also iffy. It’s big, to be sure, but it’s also back-lit, which means that camera shots which aren’t close-ups are quite grainy. A plasma screen is much preferable.

Verdict: this is probably the best place to watch the footie in Observatory, but if you have a car, get thee to the Obz Cafe’s close cousin, the Long Street Cafe in town.