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Why You Should Add Cape Town to Your RTW Itinerary

There’s no doubt that Cape Town is a remarkably beautiful city. With Table Mountain as the quintessential icon, there’s also the stunning beaches, vineyards, and rousing nightlife to talk about as well. If you are planning a trip to South Africa, you’d be crazy to leave Cape town off the itinerary.

What you’re able to see and do in Cape Town really depends on what type of trip you’re taking. If you’re only in South Africa for a short time, say a week or two, you probably won’t have time to do more than hit up the essential stops. But let’s say you’re planning a RTW trip. What if you had more time than just a few days? Would it be worth it to stay in Cape Town for a week or more?

Luckily our sister site over at BootsnAll has been thinking of these questions as well. We have been updating and revamping the RTW travel section of the site, including updating all our city guides. We have a bunch of tips for having an indie travel experience in Cape Town. There’s more to this city than just Table Mountain. Be sure to explore places like the country’s oldest university in the University of Cape Town, and check out the other hiking opportunities around that don’t involve Table Mountain (though that should be a must as well). If you have some time, don’t just see the iconic sites and hit the road, as Cape Town has plenty to offer for the indie traveler.

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