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Hot Springs and spas in the Cape

A friend from Germany was in town last week and desperately wanted to visit some natural hot springs. We have 4 of such that I am aware of, and there are all within 2 hours of Cape Town.


Goudini Spa: A large family resort with municipal charm and old world holiday camp appeal. This place has been a traditional family mainstay for many many years and is still going strong. The rooms are basic but cheap and the grounds are very lush and well landscaped. Not really ideal for young people, but great for families, wanting a quick getaway from Cape Town at little expense.

The Baths: It has been a while since I was here, but I remember enjoying the place greatly, the baths are steaming hot and the setting is quite remote and very much amongst nature.

Avalon Springs: Have not been here yet, but the website looks impressive. It looks to be more of a romantic getaway than a family fun park, and the prices reflect that.

Montagu Springs:
Lovely setting with tons to do in the are. This is more along the lines of a family holiday resort, but the facilities are spread out in a way that gives everyone some privacy.