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Robyn back from gallivanting around Africa…

I’m back, after what was the best life experience I could’ve ever asked for! Africa is a beautiful continent, with so much to see, experience and learn! One thing I did learn on my travels is how lucky I am to live in South Africa… this country is the best of two worlds, the first and third world, because there is no other place like South Africa in the rest of Africa.

My travels took me from Dar es Salaam, up to the Samburu Nature Reserve in the North of Kenya and back down through the Masai Mara, the Serengeti, through Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe and after 5 weeks, crossed the border back into South Africa. I’m currently working on blog updates and photos, so I’ll post those soon.

Back to the events in and around Durbs. From what I hear from everyone that attended the Vodacom July, it sounded like a huge success with everyone having an awesome time. I definitely won’t be missing nest year’s event! Coming up this weekend is another instalment of Music at the Lake, with Watershed playing at Durban Botanic Gardens on Sunday . I’ll of course be in attendance with my blanket, cheese, wine and friends… I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon so if your in the area, come on down!