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Robyn on Durban, Kwazulu-Natal and why it’s hotter than the Cape.

Capetonians can be a snooty bunch and it’s not like we built table mountain ourselves.
There is no small rivalry, between provinces, and although the Western Cape has no real competitor, the other lesser provinces battle it out for second place:) Please send burning assegai’s to: PO BOX 0000.

I may take flak for this, but People from Johannesburg and Durban tend to friendlier and harder working than their blessed cousins in the cape, this may or not stem from the hardships of their environment.

Truth be told I would not like the Logue to be so Cape Town-centric and since I have not spend much time in the area, (and have enjoyed my time there and in Sodwana immensely) I have asked the help of Robyn (or Dopezyn on the forums) who is highly knowledgeable on the area and has offered to write a weekly spot on what’s happening up in the tropics, and to explain why Durban should not be annexed to the Western Cape. (oh, I kill me)