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Super 14 Rugby final: Shark VS The Bulls

Durban is currently gripped by rugby madness as history is about to be made in the Super 14, which is a tri-nation rugby competition between club sides from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

For the first time in the competition, it’s an all South Africa final as The Sharks (Durban’s pride and joy) prepare to take on The Bulls (or the Blou Bulle to the locals) in Durban! Tickets for the event sold out within minutes and bars and restaurants are fully booked already. The atmosphere and anticipation around Durban is amazing!


I went to a stand-up comedy show last night, Dave Newton, he is incredibly funny and he even worked the big final and the rivalry between the supporters into his show, it makes you realise how fanatical some people actually are! If you ever get a chance, check Dave out, his latest show is called Politically Incorrect… I walked out of there with very sore cheeks and stomach muscles!

All Sharks supporters, including myself have been encouraged to wear black and white (the Sharks colours), but I don’t think much encouragement is needed if last weekend’s semi final is anything to go by… everywhere you looked was just black and white! Seeing people of all colour, creed, gender and culture come together to support a team is amazing… I honestly can’t wait for this weekend’s game, mainly just to be involved and to soak up the atmosphere and of course to see my beloved Sharks lift that trophy… something the Stormers could only dream about! (thanks-Ed 🙂

This last week Durban played host to the Tourism Indaba, which I found out after attempting to attend was a trade show for people in the industry, a little disappointing. All the news and stats coming out of the Indaba were very positive and Tourism is growing at an incredible rate in South Africa! A bit of news that really surprised and excited me was that Tourism has overtaken Gold in its contribution to the GDP! So keep visiting this beautiful country!

All that’s left to say to GO SHARKS GO!