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Summers here, but where’s the wind?

The first weekend in December marks the beginning of Summer here, which usually means the arrival of the “Cape Doctor” or South Easter. The very reliable and persistent wind that blows most of the summer, clears away pollution and fills the sails of hundreds of kite surfers. But not today… We were forecast 40km winds, but given a measly 11. Perhaps tomorrow.

Cape Town and in particular the Tableview, Kite Beach and Blouberg (blue mountain) areas, are among the hottest spots on the international kiting circuit. A huge influx of international kite surfers and windsurfers happens every summer and the waters are teeming with Dutch, German and generically foreign accents. World Champ Aaron Hadlow, spends more time here than any other destination. He and other supernatural kiters can be seen regularly on our coast (or indeed 25m above it).

If you are considering giving this sport a bash while in Cape Town, and I highly suggest you do, let me know. I can point you to some people who give very competent and economical tuition. Saying that I will most likely do a feature soon and give listings on who, what, where and when. In the meantime this site has lots of local info for kiteboarding.