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Environmentalists and Surfers: Unite to Save Big Bay!

Traffic congestion on the stretch of N1 highway from Cape Town to Bloubergstrand has led one company to come up with a novel solution: provide a hovercraft “park ‘n ride” commuter service that takes a shortcut over the waves. There’s just one problem with this plan (OK, it’s more like a thousand-and-one problems, but this is the biggie): the proposed landing site will mean the end of the worldclass Kamers surfing, windsurfing and kite-surfing spot (not to mention the end of beach recreation for local residents). But the hovercraft service is not a fait accompli – you can do something about it!

To stop the hovercraft, visit, where you will be able to lodge an objection to the hovercraft proposal, which will be forwarded to the Cape Town City Council, if and when the related, public “Environmental Impact Assessment” hearings take place.

So if you’ve surfed or skied Big Bay, and want things to remain the way they were when you visited – or if you’re simply against beach developments like that proposed by the hovercraft consortium – make your voice heard!