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WITW Neighbour goods market – Woodstock, Cape Town.

Cape Town is dotted with markets. Most with curios, antiques, clothing and the obligatory “yellow food” array.

For something a little different, WITW (What If The World), have initiated an organic food, crafts and design market in what was the old biscuit factory in Woodstock.

One can find incredible artisinal breads and locally produced premium olives, amongst all sorts of wonderfull fresh fruits and vegetables. More than 50 stands of produce in all. It is only open on Saturdays and has a huge following of Jamie Oliver and “knit your own yoghurt” types on Vespa’s and unicycles.

WITW, describe themselves as a “community of creatives” and they’re website makes very little sense to me at this time of night. But they seem like a nice bunch. As soon as I see words like “the whatiftheworld philosophy is centered around supporting and growing communities by adding visual and creative value to the environment” I start rubbing my eyes.

I found the market excellent, but perhaps a little over-priced, but I am a terrible cheapskate and I guess it takes plenty dough to make a 2 kilo walnut and hessian loaf. To get there follow Albert Road from Cape Town, toward Woodstock and stop just before the Salt River circle, its on your left.