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Africa Defeats Brazil, Again!

It wasn’t pretty, but Africa’s surrogate team beat what can only be described as Brazil’s surrogate team last night, in a ninety-minute affair marked by defensive drudgery from France and fruitless attacking from Portugal.

Your Correspondent is rather chuffed with himself, for placing hopes of vicarious glory on the creaky shoulders of “les grizzled” – going with France is one of the best predictions in sport I’ve ever made. (Wish I’d placed a bet or two on WorldCupBlog.) Italy will be a much stiffer challenge than Portugal, however, and I have doubts about whether les bleus vieux can “do it for Africa” one last time.

Meanwhile, tune in tomorrow for South Africa’s launch of the 2010 World Cup logo. Advance word is that it looks like Mark Lottering. That’s fine with me: practically anything will be better, in my humble op, than Germany’s Siamese-triplets smiley faces – even a ‘fro in silhouette!