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Africa Might Win a World Cup Match Today

Tunisia take on Saudi Arabia in today’s second World Cup match – this after all four of Africa’s previous attempts at winning on football’s greatest stage have gone a-begging.

Togo stretched South Korea yesterday, taking a 1-nil lead into halftime, courtesy a stunner from Mohammed Kader. But they lost their captain in the second half, Korea swarmed, and the result was a 2-1 win for the favorites. Rats.

Surprising that it should be Togo, of all teams, to have provided some hope for the continent. (WorldCupBlog editor Bob‘s pre-match prediction was something like 24-4 in favor of Korea.) The real pity, though, is that Africa’s best team, Ivory Coast, are in the Group of Death – meaning it’s unlikely that any African team will get through to the second round.

Unless, that is, Tunisia starts with a solid win today. Saudi Arabia are definitely beatable – let’s go Eagles of Carthage!